There's no escape from donation: Electronic Arts has added premium currency to Battlefield 5

Electronic Arts restrained itself for a long time, but eventually gave in and added premium currency to Battlefield 5.

What is known

They called the paid coins Battlefield Currency.For premium currency, gamers will be able to purchase cosmetic items, elite kits, and boosters. If everything is clear with “cosmetics,” then by elite sets EA means paid characters “with a name and a past.” These heroes will have their own set of cosmetic upgrades, animations, voiceovers and melee weapons, but the fighters will not give the player an advantage.

But accelerators, on the contrary, will help gamers becomebetter. Battlefield 5 will have two types of boosters that will appear before the end of spring. The first type unlocks rewards for completing ranks. The system is reminiscent of the Battle Pass from Fortnite, where players receive prizes for leveling up. The second type is experience multipliers, which allow players to earn more points to increase the level of weapons, vehicles, and those same ranks.

Note that Electronic Arts has not yet spoken about adding loot boxes.

Battlefield Currency launches on April 4th, along with paid cosmetics. Characters and boosters will make it to Battlefield 5 later.