Don't chase nameplates - you can buy a good Apple Watch at half the price

Ferra ratingAmazfit GTS 2Sorry that we are here again with our Apple, but in smartwatches today

two camps.In one, manufacturers make watches in the style of Apple Watch, but more advantageous in terms of price-quality ratio (Apple's mark-up “for the label” is so high that there are plenty of opportunities to make an analogue cheaper). The latter do “to spite Apple” and “whatever you like, just so that it doesn't look like the Apple Watch!”. Today we are reviewing a model from the first category, and the most modern and coolest in terms of profitability of purchase among all "Apple Watch, but not from Apple."

Table of contents

  • Appearance
  • Interface
  • Functions
  • Autonomy
  • Differences from its predecessor
  • Total

Water wears away a stone - once Android smartphoneswere a parody of the iPhone "for the poor", and now the owners of iPhones have to make excuses why they buy overpriced smartphones, if Android has cheaper and no worse options.

So with the clock, the same gradually happensthe situation, and not only in general, but also in particular: if the same Amazfit GTS in 2019 were only externally and remotely similar to the Apple watch, then the Amazfit GTS 2 released in 2020 got so close to the Apple Watch, and with such a difference in price, that there are almost no serious arguments in favor of overpaying for Apple. True, there was also a spoon with tar on a barrel of honey, but first things first.