Doodle Google celebrates Johann Sebastian Bach Day

Google has dedicated its new Doodle to the German composer Johann Sebastian Bach.

What doodle

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times guys from google together with teamsGoogle Magenta and Google PAIR have created their first interactive Doodle with artificial intelligence. It is a game in which the player is asked to create a two-measure melody. The AI ​​will analyze your “composition” and, based on the harmonies of the composer, will create music in his style. For this, it was necessary to teach artificial intelligence to recognize 306 different choral harmonies of Bach.

How to create an interactive Doodle with Bach

short biography

Johann Sebastian Bach was born on March 21, 1685(according to the old Julian calendar) in the Thuringian city of Eisenach, Germany. In 1703, after graduating from high school in Lüneburg, Johann Bach got a job as a court musician in the chapel of the Weimar Duke Johann Ernst. Bach played the violin for six months and gained his first popularity as a performer. But soon he got bored and he threw it in order to become a court organist in the church of St. Boniface in the city of Arnstadt. From here began the professional career of the composer.

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Portrait of the composer

The creative heritage of Bach is huge. He created works in all genres known at that time, except for the opera. Contemporaries appreciated him, but the scale of the composer’s work was realized only half a century after his death.