Doodle Google celebrates the 167th birthday of Sir William Ramsay

The new Google Doodle is dedicated to Sir William Ramsay - Scottish chemist, professor and Nobel laureate


A little biography

William Ramsay was born on October 2, 1852 incity ​​of Glasgow. His father was a railway engineer, his uncle Sir Andrew Ramsay was a famous geologist, and his grandfather worked as a chemist for a company making chemical products for dyers.

Until the age of 10, William studied English, French,Latin and arithmetic in prep school. He was also interested in music and played football. In 1852, Ramsay entered Glasgow Academy and four years later entered university. When he became interested in chemistry, his father gave him a small set of Berthollet salt, phosphorus, sulfuric acid and chemical glassware. Then William began to conduct his first experiments.

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In 1871 he went to Germany forstudying toluene acids. A year later he defended his dissertation “Research on toluene and nitrotoluene acids” and became a Doctor of Philosophy. After this, William Ramsay taught for a long time in his hometown.

Since 1890, the scientist has been studying atmosphericgases with Lord Rayleigh. After 4 years, they discovered a new gas - argon, and in 1895 their scientific publication "Argon - a new component of the atmosphere" was published. Ramsay later discovered helium, krypton, neon and xenon. In 1904, the chemist received the Nobel Prize for his discovery of noble gases.