Doodle Google celebrates the 167th birthday of Sir William Ramsay

The new Google Doodle 4 is dedicated to Sir William Ramsey - Scottish chemist, professor and Nobel laureate


A little biography

William Ramsay was born on October 2, 1852 inGlasgow city. His father was a railway engineer, his uncle Sir Andrew Ramsay, a well-known geologist, and his grandfather worked as a chemist in a company manufacturing chemical products for dyers.

Until 10 years, William studied English, French,Latin languages ​​and arithmetic in preparatory school. He was also fond of music and played football. In 1852, Ramsay entered the Glasgow Academy, and four years later - at the university. When he became interested in chemistry, his father gave him a small set of bertholite salt, phosphorus, sulfuric acid and chemical glassware. Then William began to conduct his first experiments.

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In 1871 he went to Germany to studytoluene acids. A year later he defended his thesis "Studies of toluene and nitrotoluene acids" and became a doctor of philosophy. After that, William Ramsay taught for a long time in his hometown.

Since 1890, the scientist studied atmosphericgases along with Lord Rayleigh. After 4 years, they discovered a new gas - argon, and in 1895 their scientific publication "Argon - a new component of the atmosphere" was published. Ramsay later discovered helium, krypton, neon and xenon. In 1904, a chemist received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of noble gases.