Doogee S90 Pro Modular Smartphone: Secure and Long-playing

Doogee already has a smartphone under the index S90, now they have presented its new model, more advanced,

At the same time, the price tag for the new model remained at the same level as that of its predecessor, despite the fact that the characteristics were qualitatively increased.

As for the modules, there are enough of them, and theyexpand the functionality of the smartphone, but all of them cannot be embraced, therefore there is only an additional energy module, that is, an additional battery. Fixing on magnets, everything is very reliable, unless you specifically try to tear it off. At the back there is a button with an LED, when pressed, the module is activated. If the charge level is low, then the LED lights up red and green if there is a lot of charge. Before a full discharge, the LED starts flashing.

True, use a smartphone with such a modulenot very convenient, since its weight grows to almost half a kilogram and a thickness of almost two and a half centimeters. But still there are brutal users that this does not bother. The module spends almost four hours on 80 percent of the smartphone’s charge, while it itself is 100 percent charged in two and a half hours via USB-C.

Design, protection

Massive bricks among rugged smartphonesless and less. Beveled corners appeared, a cutout flaunts on the screen. With the beveled corners it became not very convenient, and you have to take a screenshot to view the full information from the screen. Around the display, in addition to the frames, there is a side that perfectly protects the glass of the screen in the event of a fall. There is nothing on the top, below is a USB-C port with a plug. The control buttons are standard, plus there is another programmable one, you can assign three actions to it. You can schedule the launch of any application or turn on the flashlight, take a screenshot, turn on the recorder, and so on.

Rear bulging camera lenses and two at onceflashes, a fingerprint scanner and a contact zone for connecting modules. The case is made of plastic with rubberized elements and metal inclusions. The device does not slip at all, it is convenient to hold it, but due to the fact that it weighs a lot, it is better not to drop it. It is clear that the developers took care of this, but the internal components will not get better from falls. The device withstands immersion in a bucket of water; there was no desire to throw it against the wall.


Resolution IPS matrix FullHD +, viewing anglesmaximum, the backlight is almost perfectly flat, the margin of brightness is 580 nits, which is enough for use on a sunny day outside. Contrast 2000, there is anti-reflective coating, multi-touch for five touches. This glove is not suitable for working with gloves. The step in adjusting the brightness is too large and a little color tone goes to the blue side. But in the settings, the color rendering can be set to 6500K.

Iron, software

The drive here is 128 gigabytes, forthe user has 117, 4 gigabytes of RAM. The processor here uses the rather powerful Helio P70, which debuted last year. The power of this 8-core chipset is enough for any everyday applications, as well as for most modern games. The fingerprint scanner works quickly and accurately, Face Unlock also works normally, the front camera is enough for this. True, the security level of such protection is not very high. But on the other hand, recognition works at night, as the smartphone automatically activates a white screen to illuminate the face.

In this model, the cameras received standardbudget sensors, and outstanding results do not show. In conditions of good illumination, the photos are decent, on a cloudy day or indoors, the detail sags. The front camera is frankly weak, it will be enough only for video communication.

The autonomy of the smartphone is daily, as well asmost mobile phones, if you do not play games, for them completely different laws. If you connect an additional module, the smartphone lives in the active state of video playback for 18 hours.