DOOM creator develops strategy with Paradox Interactive

Studio Romero Games, which was founded by John and Brenda Romero, is developing a strategy.

What is known

Romero Games

founded in 2015, and during that timeThe developers managed to make a remake of Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate’s Hideout and Gunman Taco Truck. Since 2017, John and Brenda Romero have been working on an unknown project, which eventually turned out to be a strategy. The couple will be helped by Paradox Interactive. Unfortunately, the developers did not mention the name, the gameplay and the release date, but Romero promised to tell more on E3 2019.

Recall that now John is working on Sigil,unofficial supplement for the first DOOM with maps for multiplayer and single pass. DLC will be distributed for free, but Romero fans can buy a collector for $ 40.