DOOM Eternal goes online: id Software talked about boosters, cosmetics and game support

The id Software team launched the DOOM Eternal development diaries, and in the first release, gamers were told

about post-release support for the action movie.

What is known

According to shooter executive producer MartyStratton (Marty Stratton), DOOM Eternal was created as an "online experience." So the developers will try to lure gamers into the game even after completing the storyline campaign, adding new content to the project. Nevertheless, the developers note that the Internet is not required to complete the single player campaign.

Make the time spent on the game worthwhiledevelopers will try through cosmetics. Participating in story missions, BATTLEMODE or "Invasion", gamers will receive guises for weapons, monsters, the Executioner of Rock, pedestals and so on. Jewelry will fall out in the form of collectible figures, which are divided into three categories: Deluxe Edition, Special Edition and Master Collection. The higher the rarity, the more interesting the design will be.

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Bethesda also decided to add a booster system. After playing with your friend or "random" from the Internet, you can designate one player as your "booster", and receive a percentage of his experience for missions, participation in online battles and so on. The developers note that the “booster” itself does not lose experience, this is a bonus.

The accumulated experience with achievements is tied to the account and the developers call to link the Steam account or another store to the service.

Recall that Doom Eternal will be released March 20 on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Google Stadia. Bethesda will later release the Nintendo Switch version, but there is no release date yet.

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