Doom, Mortal Kombat and 6 thousand more MS-DOS games are now available for free in the browser

Since 2013, enthusiasts from the Internet Archive have been collecting old MS-DOS games for the current and future generations. Library

games are regularly updated and this week another 2,500 cult projects were added to the archive.

What is known

Now in the gaming section of the Internet ArchiveThere are 6,983 games stored that can be launched directly in the browser thanks to the DOSBox and JSMESS emulators. The user only needs to select the desired game and hope that it runs without glitches. Emulation is an unpredictable thing.

With the latest update, the library now hasStreet Fighter 2, The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, The Lost Vikings, Magic Carpet Plus, two parts of King's Quest and many more games. They also brought in popular classics like DOOM, Jurassic Park, Mortal Kombat, Alone in the Dark and Wizardry VII.

See the Internet Archive website for a complete list.