Dota 2 world champions lost to artificial intelligence Ilona Mask

Humanity continued to flirt with fate, having organized another Dota 2 tournament with the participation of

artificial intelligence.

What is known

According to Quartz, on Saturday, the team Open AI Fiveplayed matches with the current Dota 2 world champions - the OG team. The last time the AI ​​competed with ordinary players who took one victory for themselves, but this time the little people lost to the dry 2: 0.

Company spokesman Greg Brockman said that“Virtual cybersportsmen” have played 45 years in Dota 2 in 10 months of simulation. At the same time, OG had to play with restrictions, and the athletes were banned from using certain characters, as well as illusions. So humanity still has time to stop and think, is it worth it.

Company Co-Chairman Sam Altman noted thatOpenAI create not only to destroy the self-esteem of professional cybersportsmen. AI is universal, and Dota 2 is suitable for tests to make the “computer brain” adapt to change by performing several tasks at the same time.

“Saturday’s victory was proof thatOpenAI can solve the specific problem of mastering Dota 2. Now OpenAI has to change its views by choosing a new, big task for itself, ”said Altman.

If you think you can do better than OG, then register to participate in the tournament against Open AI. You can play one-on-one or a classic 5 by 5 battle.

Those matches: