Dota Underlords is a new Valve project that will expand the Dota universe

It looks like Artifact won't be the only project that Valve will announce its return to the world of video game development.

What is known

Users of the ResetEra forum noticed thatGabe's company has registered a new trademark. The product is nicknamed Dota Underlords, and the description says that it is a video game. Unfortunately, the document contains no information about the genre, setting or gameplay features, so gamers can only guess.

Valve began releasing games for virtual realityreality, and Dota Underworlds could become another VR project. In addition, in June the company will release the Valve Index headset, which could use some games for the launch lineup. Gamers also believe that Gabe is planning to restart the Dota series or make a Diablo-like game with characters from the universe.

It is possible that Dota Underworlds will becomea separate game based on the custom Dota Auto Chess mode created by the Chinese team Drodo Studio. The modification turns the familiar game into something similar to chess, where gamers need to place character figures on the field so that they win an automatic battle. Within a week, the modification attracted 700 thousand fans, and recently clones of the game even appeared on Android and iOS.