Dota Underlords received a “Big Update” with Duos Mode, Lords and New Heroes

Valve has released a “Big Update” for Dota Underlords, which added a new mode, more heroes and more to the game.

the most lords.

What's new

Lords enter the Dota Underlords arena in honor ofwhich the game is named after. Before each battle, the player chooses a lord who will lead the team and fight side by side with the heroes, using abilities, giving improvements, and so on. Each character has a set of unique talents. For example, Anessix and Hobgen each have 22 talents, 11 of which are initially locked and are unlocked through gameplay.

Valve is also introducing "Pairs Mode", the namewhich speaks for itself. In this mode, players form a party with a friend and battle against seven other duos. There are a total of 16 players on the battlefield. Participants in the battle also hire and improve their fighters, but in addition they can transfer gold and heroes to each other. In addition, couples receive a general level of health. For now, only the regular version of the duo mode is available in the game, and Valve plans to add a ranked version later.

The update will also add a “Free Mode” where players can quickly recreate and test different situations, strategies and try out heroes.





New alliances have also appeared - insects, healers,thugs and champions. In the shop, players will find Faceless, Io, Spider-Mother and Legion Commander. In total, the list was replenished with twelve heroes who formed new alliances and expanded existing ones. Valve also reworked the balance of other heroes.

The developers also introduced the “Puncture” mechanic, which blocks 8-12 random heroes every 24 hours. Despite the lack of heroes, all alliances can be assembled.

It is also worth noting the updated interfaceon PC and mobile devices. Valve has improved sections including the main menu and the messaging system. In addition, we added buttons for communicating with partners in pairs mode.

Valve warned that after the release of the updatewill temporarily turn off rating mode to make sure everything is working as it should. When the rating mode is launched again, the players' ranks will decrease slightly.