Download books in iBooks: two ways

Hello everyone, dear users of the wonderful Apple devices - iPhone or iPad. Today we will touch the book

The topic, namely, I will tell you - how to download books in iBooks. We will look at two of the most popular and easiest ways to download books to your iPhone or iPad and then open them in iBooks.:

  • Via iTunes. When using this download method, books are downloaded to a mobile device from a personal computer using the free iTunes program.
  • Via Safari browser. When using this method, you download books to your iPhone or iPad via the Safari browser installed on your mobile gadget.

So, I think you figured out the ways.adding a book to iBooks, now let's go through these methods in more detail. Note: the instructions below imply that iBooks is already installed.

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Via iTunes

If you decide to download books to your mobile gadget, in iBooks via iTunes, then follow these steps:

  • First you need to download iTunes via this link - Install it on your computer, it is done very simply.
  • Download the necessary book in ePub format on your computer, here you can see a selection of relevant resources.
  • Connect your mobile gadget to your PC and launch iTunes.
    Press CTRL + S to make the side menu visible. Next, in the menu that opens, select the book item.
  • You will have a working area with books loaded in the library. You need to transfer the previously downloaded book to this area.

Now you just have to synchronize the libraryiTunes with your device, this is done like this: in the side menu, click on the name of your gadget, in the window that opens, find the sync button and click on it. After synchronization, the book will appear on your device, you can find it in iBooks.

Via Safari browser

It's still easier than using the previous method, in order to download books, you need to perform the following steps.:

  • Launch Safari on your iPhone or iPad mobile device.
  • Go to one of these sites - sites - select the desired book and download it.
  • After downloading on your iPhone or iPad screenA window will appear, in this window you need to select the item “Open in iBooks”. If another book reader program is installed on your mobile device, then you will be prompted to open books in it.

After a certain amount of time, the book will open on your gadget in iBooks.

Today this is all, I hope this post was useful for you. Do not forget to share your opinion in the comments to this post.