Download iOS 13 Beta 2: What's new in the firmware?

Apple has released a second test version of the new mobile firmware for developers. Right now have

They have the ability to download iOS 13 beta 2 on your iPhone. Installation instructions are available for viewing here.

Changes in iOS 13 beta 2

In the new build, the company not only fixes a number of current errors and improves stability, but also introduces several changes. Among the main ones that were seen:

- Connect to SMB-server. One of the new features in iOS 13 is the option in the Files app to connect to the server using SMB. This feature did not work in the first beta, but now works in the second beta.

- Discs in APFS format are now supported by the Files application.

- Safari Share Sheet - when sharedUsing the Safari Share Sheet web page, there are new opportunities to share it as a PDF or web archive. There is also an “Automatic” option that selects the most appropriate format for each application or action.

- In iOS 13 beta 2 there is a new option forAutomatic movement of selected items in the list below the list. You can configure this in the settings or use the pop-up window that appears when you first create the list.

- New Animoji stickers with new poses.

- When you first open the Maps application, a splash screen appears that allows you to learn all the new features in the update.

- High-Key Mono Lighting - New High-Key Mono Portrait Mode Lighting option is available for the iPhone 2018.

- Now available slider, which allows you to adjust the intensity of lighting parameters in portrait mode.

- Voice control. When Voice Control Accessibility is enabled, a blue microphone icon is displayed at the top of the device, indicating that the iOS device is in voice control mode.