Dr. Electric Toothbrush Bay by Xiaomi for kids

As you know, the Chinese company Xiaomi is collaborating with a couple of third-party manufacturers to produce the necessary

products.One such product is the Dr. Electric Toothbrush. Bay Children. If you've been following the news closely, the Dr. Children's Electric Energy Brush. Bay was released back in August. But it only went on sale now.

Xiaomi baby brush Bay

Electric toothbrush Dr.Xiaomi's Bay Sonic comes with a bear-themed speaker. There is also a special intelligent function for measuring pressure (sensitivity), which ensures the protection and health of the child’s oral cavity. The process of brushing your teeth with the new Dr. children's brush itself. Bay from Xiaomi  looks like a fun game. It also helps the child develop good brushing habits.

Children's electric toothbrush Bay is equipped with a wireless charger. Dr. Bay specializes in developing an environmentally friendly sound engine for children. The vibration frequency is 26000-31000 times / min. This is a comfortable and fairly safe indicator for the frequency of sound vibrations.

Sonic toothbrush specially madeFor children from ultra-thin soft bristles. The bristle tip has a thickness of 0.01 mm, which is not only soft and comfortable, but also provides high cleaning efficiency. It can penetrate deeply into the baby’s small teeth to clean tartar.

Note that the Xiaomi toothbrush for children comes with two types of nozzles, which vary in degree of hardness. Price Dr. Xiaomi's Bay is $ 42.