Dragon Age 4 has problems: BioWare has lost the main producer of the series

Following Anthem's main producer, the BioWare team lost another, but already responsible for Dragon Age.

Who left

Fernando Melo left the studio, who workedBioWare is 12 years old. The development career began in 2007 with the control of animation production for Dragon Age: Origins. Subsequently, Melo worked on Mass Effect: Andromeda, and the latest project in the role of producer was the conditional Dragon Age 4, which bears the test name Morrison.

“Together with excellent creative leadershipvision and the best developers in the world, Morrison has come on the right track to become the best Dragon Age game. And I am very proud and flattered that I was lucky to play a role in this, ”wrote Melo.

Fernando did not name the exact reason for leaving, but noted that it was his decision, not BioWare. On a Twitter page, Melo wrote that he took a break to reflect on ideas and a future career.