Dron discovered on a cliff considered extinct flower

Hibiscadelphus woodii was found exclusively on the steep slopes of the island of Kauai. In height, the flower reaches 2.5-5 meters.

Due to the difficult growing conditions, it was discovered only in 1991, and since 2009 not a single plant has been encountered by scientists. Therefore, in 2016, the flower was recognized extinct.

In early April, researchers decided to observe the plants in the Kalalau valley with the help of a multikopter - and found the last remaining representative of a species known to science.

Earlier it was reported that the fattest in the worldthe parrot, kakapo, which lives only in New Zealand and is on the verge of extinction, had a record breeding season. The 147 surviving birds gave birth to 74 cubs. Scientists hope that it will save the species from extinction.