Drone-kamikaze Switchblade 300 attacks the border guard of the Russian Security Service (video)

A rare video of the use of the Switchblade 300 loitering supplies has appeared on the network.

What is known

In a new video

it is shown how an unmanned aerial vehicle attacks a border guard of the Security Service of the Russian Federation. The video was filmed on the camera of the drone itself, so we do not see the explosion.

Switchblade 300 is loitering ammunitionAmerican company AeroVironment. It weighs about 3 kg and is 61 cm long. The kamikaze drone can fly for 10 minutes and has a controlled flight range of 10 km.

The drone is also available in modificationblackwing. It was introduced 7 years ago and was developed specifically for the United States Navy. This Switchblade variant does not have a warhead. It is used to provide communications with habitable and uninhabited vehicles.

Source: @killpukin

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