Drones for cinema, voice analogue of Tinder and online museums: 10 Russian startups

10 participants spoke at the ninth expert council on startups in Innopolis, who presented their

projects using digital solutions.

  • TalkNow

This is a dating application in which all communicationcarried out via voice messages - a hybrid of Clubhouse and Tinder. Emotional analysis of voice messages is one of the benefits. Users have 12 hours to start chatting right after they meet. If this does not happen, then the pair is deleted forever. Diginavis valued the startup at $ 1 million and contributed 10% of the startup investment.

  • Logistic Service

a startup that optimizes logistics costs by consolidating several enterprises that produce similar products. The company is currently developing a mobile application for partner drivers.

The rating of the driver will be formed in it, inpersonal account will be paid salary. The driver himself chooses what products he wants to deliver. The main goal of the startup is to create a federal-level logistics operator.

  • Teleport

It is an innovative portal for obtaining online bank guarantees. The essence of the project is the unification of partner banks, agents and clients who require a bank guarantee.

The main goal is to optimize time resources.Now it takes an agent 2 hours to submit one application to the bank. "Teleport" can combine the maximum number of banks into one system, which will allow you to start an application in 10 minutes.

  • Tetakom

The team creates a platform that aggregateswell-proven software modules, the use of which significantly increases the production of oil and gas fields. It is planned to implement an academy, an environment for third-party developers, a community space for getting quick feedback and a marketplace on the platform.

  • Interspective

The goal is to monetize the museum fundfine arts in the online environment. It's kind of Netflix and Spotify for pictures only. The project has 3 directions: 3D exhibitions, aggregation of cultural events, and website and application builder. All 3 products are integrated with each other.

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