Drones have been trained to shoot exciting, calm or intimidating videos

It takes skill to fly the drone smoothly and smoothly. And as soon as you master flight, you

you will need to plan angles, speed and flight paths.

Rogerio Bonatti, Ph.D. at the InstituteRobotics from Carnegie Mellon University, one of the team members of the University of São Paulo, who, together with Facebook AI Research, developed a model that allows a drone to shoot video based on the desired emotion or reaction of the viewer.

The drone uses angles, speeds, and flight paths to create video that can be immersive, calm, enjoyable, or unnerving, depending on what the director says.

In order to train the drone, researchersit took hundreds of videos that they tested on a thousand viewers to use to gather data on what makes the video evoke certain emotions or feelings.

The researchers then used the findings to train a model that guided the drone to create a specific emotion.

The authors tested the model:they filmed a chase and dribbling scene in a soccer game. After that, the authors asked viewers to give their opinion on how they felt while watching. As a result, the videos not only fell into the desired emotional coloring, but also evoked a different degree and fullness of feeling among the respondents.

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