Due to US sanctions, Huawei had to replace 13,000 parts in its gadgets

In 2019, the United States blacklisted the Chinese company Huawei and imposed sanctions against it that prohibit

US manufacturers to supply Huawei parts, components and technology. The company remains on this list to this day.

What is known

Despite the sanctions, Huawei continues itsactivity. According to the founder of the company, they managed to replace a total of 13,000 parts for devices and remake 4,000 printed circuit boards for their products. Simply put, Huawei has replaced most of the American components with Chinese counterparts.

For example, instead of Google services, the Chinese giantdeveloped its own operating system HarmonyOS with its own app store. The company managed to get permission to use Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, but only without 5G support.

Also, despite the restrictions, Huawei continues to invest in research and development - last year the company spent $ 23.8 billion on this.