Due to US sanctions, Huawei is switching its laptops to Linux

Huawei has already begun to prepare for a ban on the use of Windows due to US sanctions and has released new

laptop models running Linux.

What is it?

These are three new models: Matebook X Pro, MateBook 13, and MateBook 14. They work with the Deepin Linux operating system, a Debian-based Linux distribution.

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Sources say that the transition to Deepin Linux did not happen right away, the company worked with developers for a long time on adaptation.

Sales of new models will start soon, but so far their cost is unknown. It is noted that the price tag for laptops with Linux will be lower than for devices with Windows.

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Most likely, in the future, Huawei will transfer laptops to its own HarmonyOS operating system, but for now it will use Linux.