During your life you will see many laptops, but you will love and remember with joy only this one.

We have not seen official deliveries of LG laptops to the Russian market for many years. And now, finally

the manufacturer corrected this injustice.

Table of contents

  • Minimum weight and fine design
  • Okay, found a very little flaw
  • What about the screen? Full order
  • Keyboard, touchpad, speakers, all that
  • The power is adequate. You can even play
  • Autonomy? You will love this autonomy
  • But what happens in the end

“Did we miss something important?"- as always a critical reader will ask? Actually, yes. The LG gram line has always been interesting with two features: minimal weight and excellent autonomy. There are more than enough people in need of a product with such features, which means that even in a very competitive laptop market (where some smartphone manufacturers have also come), the return of the "new-old" player is pleasing.


Minimum weight and fine design

Too many divorced latelymanufacturers, in whose design departments someone suggests “let's make a MacBook type, but on Windows!”. His colleagues strongly support him and release the product in a minimalistic aluminum unibody case in a natural gray, or maybe a darker color.

The approach is generally working. This design is loved and bought. But let's be honest: it starts to get annoying about the same as the backs of smartphones shimmering in the light.

LG designers figured it's best to stick withown ideas about the product aesthetics and not spy on competitors, so we found a way to combine the branded exterior of the product with chips useful to the buyer.

First, it is one of the lightest laptops in the world.the world. The 14-inch version we are testing weighs only 999 grams. Tablets with keyboards are generally heavier, but capable of less in terms of functionality.

Do you often need to carry your laptop with you?The back will be grateful. The 16-inch model from the same line generally made it into the Guinness Book of Records as the world's lightest laptop with this screen size. Its weight (just think!) Is less than 1.2 kilograms!

And the LG gram also has a discreet and practical exterior.view. Instead of a brand of decorative finishes, the company's designers opted for a matte gray color. It looks much better than flashy and “expensive” designs that instantly collect all dust, dirt and fingerprints, and look presentable only for the first half hour after unpacking. With a "gram" you won't have to think at an important working meeting: "Have I rubbed the body or am sitting in front of clients like a slob?"

Finally, LG gram uses magnesium alloy, the most advanced material available today. The difference is huge, especially when compared to carrying a piece of aluminum with you.

In general, if we talk about design, the LG gram line- this is the case when the colors and materials of the case are selected so that it is both practical and beautiful. This long-range option is much better than aluminum or decorative panels that are prone to dents and damage, which cannot be quickly cleaned of traces of use.

Everything else that we expect from a good Ultrabook is also in place in the LG gram. There is no such thing that you are given the minimum weight and forced to suffer for this because of all sorts of compromises.

For example, even with a small case thicknessmanaged to accommodate a decent set of ports for any occasion. In addition to a pair of Type-C (including for charging), there are two USB Type-A on the sides, a headphone jack, HDMI, and a slot for memory cards. Even microSD, but thanks anyway.

However, it may be for the best.It is convenient for a camera to take just such a format with an adapter, and if you need to transfer something from a smartphone or to a smartphone, you do not need to frantically search for the second part of the memory card. I took it out, put it in, and that's it. The micro slot seems to be the most practical. In general, it's cool that not all manufacturers follow a thoughtless fashion and do not offer to abandon all connectors in favor of Type-C and adapters. And then they have sunk - now even 3.5 mm for a wired headset, some are too lazy to install!

Okay, found a very little flaw

Okay, we've figured out the design. LG gram 14 looks stylish, it is as lightweight and very practical in everyday use.

And on the sides there are all the necessary connectors forconnecting accessories and peripherals. One hand (and for some it is important) also opens with a bang. You pry on the cover with your finger, pull it up - and the hinges work as expected. The laptop opens up, and does not try to roll over to the top of the bottom. The movement of the lid is not too easy, but also not excessively tight. Just right.

The only thing - it should be borne in mind that with a strongshaking (well, what if you decide to work while driving the "Loaf" at the dacha ?!) the lid with the display can shake a little. We do not dare to write down the full-fledged shortcomings, but nevertheless they decided to note this fact. If anything, this is not a constructive miscalculation, but a consequence of the very light weight of the laptop. But how often do we seriously work with the laptop while we are jumping somewhere over bumps?

What about the screen? Full order

The laptop is not gaming, not entertainment, butworking universal. Therefore, the screen was chosen so that it would be more or less enough for any users and at the same time it would not waste battery power at lightning speed. All OLED and 4K matrices can seem like a cool and very technological solution, only until you find yourself with a dead battery in the middle of the working day. Believe me, no pleasure.

The LG gram has a 14-inch IPS-matrix with FullHDresolution and an easy-to-use aspect ratio of 16:10, in which the screen fits much more useful than cinematic proportions. The perimeter bezels are minimal and non-annoying. The viewing angles are maximum, the brightness margin is good (about 350 nits in the center and drops to 320 towards the edges), we can say that the backlighting is fairly uniform. Color reproduction is accurate (delta E about 2.5), coverage is almost 100% of the professional P3 palette. With such a set it is comfortable to work, it is interesting to play, watch a movie, and you can even easily do some creative tasks.

Keyboard, touchpad, speakers, all that

Here we also have no complaints about the equipment.The keyboard is comfortable, with good key travel, bright enough backlighting and ergonomically spaced buttons. You can type at normal speed from day one, without retraining and getting used to. Fingerprint scanner - in the power button, works instantly. The trackpad is large and comfortable. No mouse - zero drama.

The sound of the built-in speakers is decent for a laptop insuch a compact format. In addition, the LG gram has a good quality webcam, support for fast Wi-Fi 6 and the latest version of Bluetooth 5.1. In general, even if you purposefully search for something to find fault with, little will come of it.

The power is adequate. You can even play

LG gram 14 is not a gaming laptop.And not a product for heavy creative tasks. The model is everyday, working and with a focus on the minimum weight. So you shouldn't expect outstanding performance? No matter how it is!

For everyday tasks, the laptop is veryproductive. Photos from a full-frame DSLR can also be processed on it (albeit without fanaticism). Play? Well, depending on what. For example, now Dota 2 is clearly in trend because of the just-ended championship, and at the end of the first week of November the League of Legends championship will take place and will probably also bring a lot of new downloads to the game. So, projects of such a plan are perfectly launched and work on LG gram 14. So at home and at lunchtime in the office, you can somehow entertain yourself.

In short and to the point, this laptop withIntel Core i5 1135G7 2.4 GHz (4.2 GHz, in Turbo mode), 8 GB of fast RAM (3733 MHz), integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics, and the capacity of the SSD-drive is 512 GB work with good performance and without hard overheating.

By ultrabook standards (especially extremelight and thin models) the set of components is good. Just right so as not to fry the knees, but also not to go into a trance when the user is trying to load something. Of course, we are talking about good performance taking into account the positioning of the LG gram. Comparing a kilogram laptop without one gram with gaming models and workstations is dishonest and pointless.

Autonomy? You will love this autonomy

The LG gram 14 has a 72Wh battery.Taking into account the appropriately chosen filling, this allows demonstrating almost a record battery life. A FullHD video with the backlight set to half the brightness will spin for more than a day, more precisely, almost 30 hours.

In a more realistic scenario, or rather whenmixed work with a browser, then with documents, then listen to music and start some other applications - the laptop lasts a full day without recharging. A cool talent for forgetful people who can go to the office without a power supply and cannot find a Type-C charger from colleagues.

But what happens in the end

The bottom line is we get one ofmarket record holders in terms of ease and autonomy. Plus, buyers get an original design without repetitions of the past, a practical and not easily soiled body and, in general, a stylish and appropriate exterior in any situation. LG gram has a high-quality screen with thin bezels, a comfortable keyboard and a large trackpad, a full set of necessary connectors. The performance for this format is excellent. In addition to work, you can even play calmly, however, only if we are talking about popular, but not too demanding titles like League of Legends.