DVR Navitel R600 GPS. My best companion

Today I want to talk about a novelty in the market of portable devices for video recording of traffic conditions

- DVR Navitel R600 GPS. Key features of the new items: GPS-informer (digital speedometer + camera notification) and the ultra-sensitive SONY Starvis sensor, which amazes with its capabilities when shooting at night. Without a shadow of a doubt - this model sets a new bar for car registrars in the segment of up to 6,000 rubles. Let's put everything on the shelves in the review below.

Guys from Navitel feel great about the market! The model of the R600 GPS recorder was a logical continuation of the classic line of devices that have successfully established themselves among car enthusiasts. We took a time-tested base, supplemented it with GPS functions and updated the sensor, which works fine in extreme lighting conditions. Many lacked just the last function, because very often you have to travel in the dark and want more detail in low light conditions. The result was a fairly balanced device that covers all the basic needs of a modern buyer, accustomed to comfort.

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The design of the registrar has not undergone anychanges. Two modules: a holder (the one that is attached to the glass) and the main part - the DVR itself. It's all like the DR700. No suction cups, only a reliable 3M (there is a spare in the kit) that will not separate the lobovik from the recorder on the next lying or bump. The body of the device is made of ordinary plastic. It is simple, matte and non-marking. Control buttons are placed on the side. In general, nothing remarkable, as it should be with the DVR. Personally, I am sure that such devices should look as simple and inconspicuous as possible. Why attract attention or distract from the road? Not for this, it is installed here, right!


  • Sony Starvis IMX307 sensor (video comparison and sensor operation example)
  • Video Resolution: 1920x1080 px, Full HD (30 fps)
  • Glass lenses
  • Wagon angle 170 °
  • Display with a diagonal of 2 ″ with a resolution of 960x240 px, matrix type TN
  • H.264 Compression Codec
  • Battery Li-Pol 180mAh


  • registrar
  • holder
  • cigarette lighter power cable + USB cable
  • additional adhesive tape
  • gift voucher for activation of offline Navitel cards for a smartphone
  • textile napkin


In addition to its basic functions (video recording of a traffic situation at any time of the day), the Navitel R600 GPS is equipped with advanced GPS capabilities:

  • digital speedometer
  • warning about cameras and road sections requiring attention

Let us dwell on each in more detail. For daily use, trulyA useful feature is the camera alert. Personally, as a driver, the digital speedometer didn’t go at all. When driving, it’s difficult to switch attention to a device that weighs in the upper part of the windshield, and why, when the speedometer is at eye level. I believe that the developers wanted to associate a digital speedometer with a camera alert function. This at least somehow logically justifies the presence of this mode in the registrar.

And here is the camera alert function in the Navitel R600GPS is extremely useful. 450 meters from the object requiring the attention of the driver (in most cases these are speed cameras), the recorder warns the driver with a sound signal and the corresponding icon on the display. You can not miss it! From the moment of purchase of the device, payments towards the traffic police will tend to zero and save you a decent amount, verified!

In addition to these functions, there are standard ones that can be found in many modern registrars: motion detection, parking mode and shock sensor.

Shooting quality

We continue the review of the Navitel R600 GPS and in detaildwell on the main function of the device - video. I tested the registrar for a week in various conditions. It was all: cloudy weather, and a sunny day, and, of course, twilight, passing at night.

In the afternoon the dashcam proved to be excellent, noclaims! A small remark on the white balance and exposure at the time of a sharp transition from the shaded section of the road to light. Otherwise, everything is fine and this is expected, devices in a similar price segment have long shown an excellent picture in the daytime. But what about shooting in extreme lighting conditions?

At night R600 GPS proved to be a solid four withplus (on my personal rating scale)! Of course, the presence of a Sony sensor Starvis series makes itself felt. The picture in comparison with the registrar, built on the basis of a conventional sensor, really, is different for the better. Auto numbers in the stream are perfectly readable, video in brightness is higher than that felt by the eye, that is, visually the frame is lighter. But with the oncoming things are not so smooth; fixing the number does not always work.

Video examples in the cloud at night and in the afternoon: watch (the link is being updated)

Review of Navitel R600 GPS

For a week of daily registrar testsI have a complete impression about the product - I share! First of all, I note a good balance of functions. An excellent sensor is installed here, which writes decent videos in Full HD both day and night. At the same time, the viewing angle is 170 degrees (neighboring models in a similar price segment have only 165 degrees). GPS "chips" turned out to be not unnecessary, in practice it really helps and does not go beyond the speed limit when the camera is near.

By minus, I’ll take a small viewing angle to the displayhere is minimal, it’s not always comfortable to read information, sometimes you have to contrive. It’s good that you don’t have to look at it often; a normal sound signal is enough.

It is a pity that the R600 GPS does not have a Wi-Fi module. Connect to the device via smartphone and watch the videos will not work. In life, the function is not in demand, but if necessary, it really saves time.

For the rest, the registrar is decent, and he will definitely add to my personal list of recommendations for friends and relatives. Turned on and forgot - it's about him!

Navitel R600 GPS page on the official website.