DxOMark: the Pixel 3a camera is still slightly worse than the Pixel 3

DxOMark finally got to Google Pixel 3a, which was released in early May and became simplified.

and a more budget version of last year's Pixel 3.

What camera

The fact is that both the older Pixel 3 andyounger Pixel 3a main cameras are the same. This is a 12.2-megapixel Sony IMX363 (f / 1.8) sensor with optical and electronic image stabilization systems. Therefore, in DxOMark and decided to find out if there are differences.

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As it turned out, the difference between the cameras is still there, but it is insignificant. Pixel 3a received 103 points for the photo and 95 points for the video. Overall score - 100 points.

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But Pixel 3 at one time received 103 points forphoto, 98 points for video and an overall rating of 101 points. It turns out that the older "pixel" is slightly better than the possibility of shooting video, but this is due to the performance of the platform.

Recall, DxOMark experts recognized the Pixel 3 camera as the best single camera, which means that Pixel 3a is also one of the best camera phones in its category.