Dyson Pure Cryptomic purifies formaldehyde from the air and costs $ 650

One of the main air pollutants is formaldehyde. Even a small concentration of this substance

irritates the nose, throat and eyes.Existing air purifiers that use carbon filters simply “lock” harmful substances into themselves, which is why the filters have to be changed frequently. Dyson engineers have created a neat solution that completely removes unnecessary elements from the air. The Pure Cryptomic purifier is available in two versions: fan and fan with heater. They cost $650 and $750 respectively.

How does it protect?

The device automatically recognizes and capturespollutants without even bothering the user with the flow of air. The LCD display shows information about the composition of the air, as well as the time until the filter is changed. According to Dyson, the combined filter captures 99.95% of the particles. However, the new function decomposes formaldehyde at the molecular level, turning it into small amounts of water and carbon dioxide. Harmful substances are released by air fresheners, paint, furniture, household chemicals. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, formaldehydes not only irritate the skin and mucous membranes, but can also increase the risk of cancer.

What else can?

The device has a number of other functions, such astimer, night mode, Link application to control the work from a smartphone. Also, the fanless fan tilts 45 degrees up or down and rotates 350 degrees around its axis.