EA announced the third season of Apex Legends, featuring a new map and fighter-hacker Crypto

Electronic Arts has announced the third season of Apex Legends, which will add more content, heroes, weapons and a new map

for battles.

What is known

Unlike Epic Games, Apex developersLegends decided to release new maps, rather than updating one location. This time, gamers will enter the battle on a snowy planet, where storms and storms rage, and in some places lava bursts from the ground. Dangerous place.

A new legend also comes into play. If you believe the description, then “calm and collected Crypto sends reconnaissance drones for covert surveillance of the enemy.” With the beginning of the third season, a new combat pass with hundreds of awards, including skins, Apex sets and more, will also appear in the game.

Melting Ice will be released on October 1 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.