EA showed the Command & Conquer Remaster gameplay by comparing the reissue with the original

About a year ago, Electronic Arts announced the reissue of Command & Conquer Remaster. The developers decided to mark this date

the first demonstration of the gameplay and a story about the features of the project.

What is known

EA wrote on the blog that the reissue of Command &Conquer is made in 2D, not 3D, to preserve the spirit of the original. In addition, thanks to access to the original C&C: Tiberian Dawn and C&C: Red Alert code, developers will retain the gameplay features.

“The Lemon Sky team is reimplementing, simulating andanimates every element of the gameplay from scratch - you've seen such examples of their work as the construction site and Tesla tank. At the final stage, as can be seen from the reviews, we export objects in 2D so that each frame corresponds to the original image. Sometimes, for example, in the case of the grenadier, this means more than 600 frames for one object, ”the blog says.

To highlight the benefits of a 2D perspective,developers will add the function of switching between old and new graphics on the go. EA even created a separate page where players can compare the graphics of the updated and classic C&C in a couple of scenes. Players will also be able to zoom in and out to view high-resolution details with zoom options between DOS and C&C Gold Edition.