Eachine F22 Raptor: $ 76 radio-controlled fighter model with aerial tricks

A radio-controlled airplane from Eachine has gone on sale on the Chinese Aliexpress platform.

What is known

The toy was named F22 Raptor, and alsofoam body with a length of 33.6 cm and a wingspan of 26 cm. By the way, the new product is a copy of a real model of the fifth-generation multirole fighter Boeing F-22 Raptor.

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According to the manufacturer, the aircraft boasts easy control, as well as good flight stabilization and a stunt function. It is activated using the buttons on the remote control.

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Two batteries are included with the toy. A full charge of one battery is enough for 14 minutes of flight.

Price and when to wait

Eachine F22 Raptor is already on sale with a price tag of $ 76. Adding another $ 4, you can take a complete set with three batteries.

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