Earlier than expected: Tesla could launch an electric car for $ 25,000 next year

Information has repeatedly appeared on the network that Tesla is working on an inexpensive electric car,

which will be shown no earlier than 2023. According to new leaks, the car could be released next year.

What is known

On the vastness of the social network Weibo publishedDocuments from the Shanghai Tesla Gigafactory 3 plant, which say the American manufacturer plans to begin production of a third low-cost electric vehicle as early as 2022. Reports indicate that the car will cost between 160,000 and 200,000 yuan. This is approximately $ 25,000 to $ 30,000. That is, the new product will be cheaper than Model 3. According to rumors, the car will appear first in China, and then in other regions, including Europe and the United States. Unfortunately, there are no car specifications yet.

Recall that now the Tesla lineup includessix electric cars: Model S, Model 3, Model X, Model Y, Cybertruck and Roadster. The first four models have been on sale for a long time, and the last two will be on sale in the coming years. Tesla also has an electric Semi tractor, which was shown three years ago, but it has not yet entered the market.

Source: Electrek

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