It's easier to throw it away: Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ gets a C for repairability

The guys from iFixit disassembled the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, checking the location of the components of the smartphone and its


What is known

Inside, the Galaxy Note 10+ looks like a Google Pixel.Samsung placed the motherboard on the top of the device, which allowed the battery to be wider, but engineers had to connect the motherboard and daughterboard with cables. The battery is under the connection and is held in place not by a good word, but by strong glue.

As a result, iFixit gave the Galaxy Note 10+ 3 pointsout of 10 for maintainability. To remove the battery, repairmen will have to wade through wires and pry the battery free of strong adhesive. In addition, to replace the display, you will need to “either completely dismantle or replace half the phone.” Among the disadvantages, iFixit also noted that disassembling the smartphone has to begin with peeling off the glass panel.