Edifier Exclaim e10 review: better to hear once

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The 2.2-acoustics Edifier Exclaim e10, announced in November 2012, finally reached Ukraine, and at the same time in ours

edited by Like previously edited gg Edifier Spinnaker and Edifier e1100 plus,Exclaim e10 belongs to the image series of the manufacturer. In addition to the unusual design, which is so much like Edifier, acoustics are distinguished by the presence of bandpass amplification of high and low frequencies, as well as the presence of one passive radiator in each of the speakers. The recommended retail price of the device in Ukraine is 819 UAH.

As usual, they meet on clothes. Especially if in the role of the guest - a product in which one of the main components is design. Honestly, I would not call the Edifier Exclaim e10 a surprisingly beautiful and elegant solution (for example, I liked Spinnaker wireless much more). I took the appearance of the model calmly, without undue enthusiasm. But I suppose among our readers there will be those to whom Exclaim e10 will seem exactly the thing they have been looking for. Edifier should pay tribute - acoustics, as always, are perfectly assembled, there are no questions about the quality of materials and the fitting of elements to each other. Looks solidly and looks quite consistent with the price.

I guess the exterior of the acoustics was dictated by hercontent, namely - the presence of a passive radiator in each column, which had to somehow be placed, while maintaining a relatively compact size. Each speaker is packed with 1.5-inch mid-range and tweeter speakers (8 ohms), a 3-inch subwoofer, a 3-inch passive radiator (at the base) and a passive radiator for mid-range and tweeter sizes 1.5x3 inches. The dimensions of the Exclaim e10 are 105x310x180 mm. The base diameter is about 11 cm. On the case, as always, there are control buttons - power on and volume control. The frequency range is 48 Hz-20 kHz.

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But the main thing in any acoustics is sound,right? In my opinion, acoustics sound better than it looks. Firstly, unlike other Edifier speakers that I have heard, the sound of Exclaim e10 is not typical of deafness. Upper frequencies sound natural and pleasant, do not get lost. Acoustics copes well with detail, is not lost with a wide variety of genres. Only in those compositions where there is a lot of bass, does she start to bend over and stick more than expected, forcing the entire room to vibrate even at an average volume level. But this did not irritate me. That is, if you like heavy music, be prepared that your neighbors will hate you quickly. But you will definitely be satisfied with the purchase.