Eldar Murtazin told why the smartphone can suddenly turn off

Mobile Research Group Leading Analyst Eldar Murtazin explained why a smartphone can suddenly turn off. Discuss

According to him, the most common causes aresoftware conflicts. Various programs installed on the smartphone may cause conflicts between themselves and the smartphone overheats, causing the device to turn off.

This also applies to installing variousshells - software modifications that are installed on top of stock Android. If this happens, then the gadget often hangs, all software crashes and random shutdowns begin.

At the same time, Murtazin noted that “iPhone and Android are reliable. People do not face overloads of devices. If this starts to happen, then you need to check what is technically wrong with the phone.

In addition, to the sudden shutdown of the smartphonemay result in old, broken, or low-quality batteries. But these are rare cases. The same applies to the fall of the smartphone, after which the battery contacts may depart. But these are also extremely rare cases - "not even 1% of the fallen phones."

People very often install all kinds of software,which, to put it mildly, leads to a partial inoperability of the phone. This software conflicts with each other. The most common story: on Android, for example, a person puts three shells in parallel (software modifications that are installed over stock Android - approx. URA.RU), they conflict with each other, the device slows down, heats up, and overheating leads to shutdown.

Eldar MurtazinLead Analyst Mobile Research Group