Electric amphibious aircraft P2 Xcursion first flew

The P2 Xcursion is a two-seater aircraft that has been in development since 2011. The weight of the device is 750 kg, it can

carry 240 kg payload. Its cruising speed is 241 km/h, and its maximum flight distance is 1565 km.

During tests that lasted 10 minutes andpassed March 30, driving a P2 Xcursion was the Norwegian pilot Eskil Amalal. The device performed several maneuvers to test the controllability - according to the results of the tests, the company announced that the flight had passed normally, and all the systems of the device were operating normally.

Earlier it was reported that the Danish authorities beganuse unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor sulfur emissions in exhaust gases from ships passing through the Great Belt. In the future, this will reduce the share of vessels in total emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.