Electronic Arts entered the Guinness Book of Records thanks to a scandal with Battlefront 2

Electronic Arts has already received the award as the worst company, and in 2019 managed to break another record.

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If you believe the PC Gamer "electronics" hit the BookGuinness World Records for the most “disliked” comment on Reddit. A message on the forum was left by an EA representative when he tried to justify the first version of Battlefront 2 monetization. At the release, the characters were expensive and gamers were allowed to buy a gaming advantage for money.

Then a public relations managerHe wrote that the developers want to arouse a sense of pride among the players, but only provoked indignation. At the time of writing the news, the ill-fated commentary scored 667,812 minuses.

Note that since then, developers have changedmonetization. Now for real money you can only buy cosmetics, and characters, abilities, and more can be opened by game. In addition, Battlefront 2 changed the revival system, and in September the game will receive a content update.