Electronic Arts will be jealous: the horror game Negative Atmosphere looks like a proper Dead Space from enthusiasts

The success of Dead Space 3 forced Electronic Arts to shelve the series and move on to more profitable franchises. Hardly

space horror fans will have to wait for a sequel in the coming years, but fans have a chance to play the spiritual successor to Dead Space.

What is known

Sunscorched Studios is working on a horror filmNegative Atmosphere, which is not even shy about its resemblance to Dead Space. The project inherited not only the atmosphere, but also the monsters, gameplay, and camera position.

Gamers will be thrown into the Negative Atmosphereto the Rusanov space station, whose crew suffered from an epidemic. According to the classics of the genre, the virus turned the inhabitants into monsters, but there was a hero who managed to survive. In Negative Atmosphere, the lucky winner is Professor Samuel Edwards. Now he has to survive on an abandoned ship infested with mutants.

Sunscorched Studios employs 11 people, becauseplayers will be treated to a “budget project” from enthusiasts. The team is currently looking for support on Patreon to create a working prototype that can be taken to a publisher or Kickstarter. So far, Sunscorched are planning to release a seven-hour AA game with no microtransactions and free DLC.

According to Sunscorched Studios founder KelvinParson, Negative Atmosphere focuses on hardcore. The player will not be told specifically what to do, but will have to navigate the area by looking at the signs. Enemies will have weak points that you will have to find yourself, but the player will be able to shoot off limbs, thereby slowing down the enemy. Some battles can be avoided by using stealth.