Electronic Arts envies: Negative Atmosphere horror looks like the right Dead Space from enthusiasts

The successes of Dead Space 3 forced Electronic Arts to put the series on the shelf and engage in more profitable franchises. Hardly

space horror fans will wait to continue in the coming years, but fans have a chance to play the spiritual heir to Dead Space.

What is known

Sunscorched Studios works on horrorNegative Atmosphere, which is not even shy about resembling Dead Space. The project inherited not only the atmosphere, but also monsters, gameplay, as well as the position of the camera.

In the Negative Atmosphere gamers will be thrown onRusanov space station, whose crew suffered from an epidemic. According to the classics of the genre, the virus turned the inhabitants into monsters, but there was a hero who managed to survive. At Negative Atmosphere, Professor Samuel Edwards became lucky. Now he has to survive on an abandoned vessel teeming with mutants.

11 people work at Sunscorched Studios, becauseplayers waiting for a "budget project" from enthusiasts. Now the team is looking for support on Patreon to create a working prototype with which you can go to the publisher or on Kickstarter. So far, Sunscorched plans to release an AA game for seven hours without microtransactions and free DLCs.

According to Sunscorched Studios founder KelvinParson's Negative Atmosphere is betting on hardcore. The player will not be told specifically what needs to be done, but you will have to navigate the area looking at the signs. Enemies will have weak points that they will have to find themselves, but the player will be able to shoot limbs, thereby slowing down the enemy. Some battles can be avoided with the help of stealth.