Electronic Arts is generous: you can play Battlefield 5 and hundreds of other games for free for a whole month

Electronic Arts has created a new attraction of unprecedented generosity, launching a promotion dedicated to the National

Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

What is known

EA is giving away a free month of Origin Access,but with a certain condition. “Electronics” decided to reward players who secure their accounts. So, gamers who connect two-step verification to their Origin account will receive a free month of Origin Access.

Gamers who do not use a subscription will receivefree access in November. Existing Origin Access and Access Prime subscribers who have activated two-step verification will also receive a free month. In addition, players who have already secured themselves with the second degree of protection will automatically receive their free month of Origin Access for November.

Origin Access users get access to games from Electronic Arts and other studios. The library has already included Battlefront 2, Sims 4, Battlefield 5, Batman: Arkham City, and more recently Anthem.

The offer is valid until October 31st,and the subscription is activated from November 1st. To enable two-step verification, go to “EA Account”, “Security” and turn on “Username Verification”. Find out more in the official FAQ.