Electronic Arts is preparing a cloud gaming service called Project Atlas and invites gamers to test it

Back last year, Electronic Arts announced the cloud gaming platform Project Atlas. The company has remained silent since then.

about the project, and has now announced the launch of testing.

What is known

In an article for Medium, EA Chief Technology Officer Ken Mossclarified that games are only part of Project Atlas. The first test will show how the service will behave in field conditions without a stable connection and fast Internet.

In addition, Electronic Arts wants to understand whatgenres are suitable for Project Atlas. During the tests, users will have access to FIFA 19, Titanfall 2, Need for Speed ​​Rivals and Unravel. EA also plans to test cross-play in the Origin environment, so progress earned during testing will carry over to the full games.

EA hasn't said when testing for Project Atlas will begin, but is inviting those interested to sign up as testers to receive an invitation.