Electronic Arts will not release Battlefront 3, because players no longer want sequels

Battlefront 2 continues to live and grow in content, even considering the “box scandal”. Often Electronic Arts

throws projects after harvestingpacks of DLC and later patches the game patches. Moreover, Battlefront 3 does not even flicker in rumors or financial reports. Similar "weird" behavior for EA was explained by design director Dennis Brannwall in an interview for PC Games N.

What have learned

According to the developer, the sequels still havedemand, but the "hunger" of the players to the sequel decreased. Previously, developers went along the prepared route from the release, the release of DLC and paid updates. If the game had mechanics that the players didn’t like, then the authors promised to fix it in the sequel.

“I think the industry has changed in this regard. Previously, everything was very similar to a deal with clear conditions, when we made the game, subscribed to four add-ons and that’s all. Then we focused on the value for the player for his money. If there was an idle system, they took it in pencil and said that they would fix it in the sequel, ”Brannwall said.

Now, developers are focused on improving the experience:

“You see that we are really remaking parts that don’t work, and are not afraid to change them, which means that the community is becoming happier, because the game as a whole is getting better”

Brannwall called the system as an examplea revival that has become team oriented. With the latest update, players can appear at points captured by allies, and not just pre-prepared locations.