Electronic Arts will release 14 games until 2021, and expand the Star Wars universe due to the success of the Jedi Fallen Order

Electronic Arts held a conference with investors, during which she spoke about plans until the end of 2021 fiscal

of the year.

What is known

Recall that the fiscal year 2021 starts inApril 2020 and will end in March 2021. Until that time, the "electronics" plan to release 14 games. Four projects are part of the company's sports franchises, and the rest are based on EA intellectual property. The company has confirmed that it will release the new FIFA and Madden, so there is room for NBA Live and NHL.

As for non-sports games, then until April 2020The company must release four unknown projects from internal studios for years. Releases, including Command & Conquer, may be on the list of upcoming releases, but there are no specifics yet.

However, the company plans to launch twonew mobile project. The remaining four projects are projects owned by third-party developers. It seems that the company has undertaken to publish indie games under the brand name EA Originals.

You should not count on a new Battlefield, since in October EA announced that it would release a sequel until fiscal year 2022. Then the new Dragon Age and Star Wars will see the light.

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Success Electronic Arts

EA also talked about successes. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order exceeded expectations with a print run of 8 million copies. The company expects that by March 31, 2020 the game will reach a circulation of 10 million copies. However, EA rejoices in the growth of Star Wars Battlefront II, which is getting off its knees thanks to the latest updates.

The success of the Fallen Order also influenced the desire of "electronics" to expand the franchise. Now, in addition to multiplayer projects, gamers can get more single player games.

Apex Legends is also growing, and the third season was more successful than the second. Already in 2020, the game is planned to be transferred to new platforms, as well as launched in China.

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