Elon Musk hinted that he would pay less for Twitter than planned

Elon Musk has said his $44 billion offer will not go ahead until Twitter Inc proves that

the number of spam bots does not exceed 5% of the total number of users.

"My proposal was based on the fact thatTwitter SEC documents were accurate. Yesterday, the CEO of Twitter publicly refused to provide evidence that spam accounts are less than 5%. The deal won't move forward until he does," Musk tweeted.

In general, the events of the day reinforced the theories of analyststhat Musk either wants to get out of the deal or pay less to buy the social network, reports The Associated Press. Mainly due to a significant drop in the value of Tesla shares. With their help, he pledged to finance the acquisition of Twitter.

Elon Musk postponed his imprisonment last weektransactions, stating that he is waiting for information about spam accounts. The businessman suspects that they make up at least 20% of users - compared to official Twitter estimates of 5%. In this regard, the entrepreneur expects to agree on more favorable terms of the transaction. According to him, "it is impossible to exclude" such a possibility.

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