Elon Musk reveals what he's going to change on Twitter after purchase

Earlier, Elon Musk promised to “unleash the potential” of Twitter. Now he's talked about another change that's coming

platform in the future, when the deal is finalized and the businessman becomes the sole owner of the social network.

Twitter DMs must have end-to-end encryption, like Signal's, so that no one can spy on or hack your messages.

Elon Musk on Twitter

Signal - exchange client applicationinstant messaging and internet telephony free and open source. The main focus of the development is on privacy and security.

Function of private messages (Direct Message, DM)is vulnerable. Their content may not be reviewed by Twitter staff to verify compliance with social network policies. Also, representatives of the social network openly declare that they can share information with law enforcement agencies or in response to government requests.

Perhaps Musk will suggest using a pass-throughencryption (end-to-end encryption, E2EE), notes Interesting Engineering. It ensures that no one, not even the platform itself, can read the contents of the messages. This will also come in handy if the account has been hacked. It is being implemented by tech companies around the world in an attempt to protect user privacy.

Musk is expected to make many changes tosocial media platform. He has already stated that he will take the company private after his acquisition and does not trust the current management. Given this, changing the encryption system may be one of the first.

Previously, Hi-Tech told why Elon Musk bought Twitter and what will happen to the social network now.

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