Elon Musk showed a space elevator to descend to the lunar surface

The concept of a space elevator for descent to the lunar surface, developed by SpaceX Ilona, ​​has appeared on the network

Mask. This happened as part of the Human Landing System (HLS) program.

The device will also be used forthe return of astronauts to the ship, writes Teslarati. It is reported that the HLS program was created with the aim of developing full-fledged commercial modules for sending a crew to the moon in 2024. 3 private companies are engaged in the production of solutions within the framework of the project: Blue Origin from the founder of Amazon, Dynetics and SpaceX.

Interestingly, the last proposed solutionrecognized as "the most risky", which is why the companies have allocated only 135 million dollars. For comparison, Dynetics allocated about $ 250 million, and Blue Origin - $ 570 million.

Interestingly, unlike competitors, the companyElona Musk has built at least 8 full-scale prototypes of the starship and tested them more than 12 times. During the same time, Dynetics and Blue Origin presented designs for several devices and two mock-ups made of cardboard, foam and wood.