Elon Musk showed the prototype of the largest accelerator for Super Heavy missiles

SpaceX has assembled the first stage of a super-heavy launch vehicle for Starship, dubbed Super Heavy.

As Elon Musk said, the work is not finished yet,you will need to solder the liquid oxygen and methane tank together, but these are not the main tasks. Therefore, the design can already be announced as a full-fledged prototype.

The development consists of 36 rings, which alsoare used to assemble the Starship. The first Super Heavy BN1 prototype will have a height of about 67m from the top to the end of the nozzles of the Raptor engines, which will soon be installed.

According to the company, the rocket will be at least 120 meters high (Starship and Super Heavy spacecraft together). This will make the car the tallest launch vehicle ever.

SpaceX hopes to be able to launch Starship orbital launches as early as July 2021.

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