Elon Musk spoke in Russian about the Russian's attempt to hack Tesla

Elon Musk decided to comment on the news of the Russian's attempt to hack Tesla on Twitter.

Recall that yesterday, at the trial in the United States, the 27-year-oldRussian Yegor Kryuchkov pleaded guilty to an attempt to carry out a cyberattack on Tesla's computer network. So, the head of Tesla wrote under this news "Crime and Punishment", preserving the pre-reform spelling of the Russian language.

Last year, Kryuchkov and his accomplicestried to hire a company employee for $ 1 million to inject malware into Tesla's internal network. Subsequently, the Russian intended to blackmail the company's management with this.

A few days ago we wrote about the sequelstories of a 17-year-old guy who managed to hack the Twitter accounts of many famous personalities, including Elon Musk and Bill Gates. It turned out that for this the guy received three years in prison.