Elon Musk's company launched a high-speed tunnel Loop Transportation System

The tunnel is designed for electric vehicles that can accelerate up to 320 km / h in the direction of travel. Apparently

The first part of the Las Vegas underground tunnel network with three stations will serve as a test site for the city's future automated underground transportation system. The tunnel cost $ 52.5 million.

The Boring Company plans to increase the number of stations to 43 and transport up to 51 thousand passengers per hour.

However, the first reviews from visitors to the tunnel werenegative. Instead of the declared 240 km / h, the car's speed barely exceeded 60 km / h. It was planned that the 45-minute trip will turn into a two-minute trip thanks to “Tesla.

All the way - more than a kilometer - passengers covered three times slower than promised, they also could not accelerate normally and constantly interfered with each other.

However, in the future, cars should start driving autonomously in tunnels, which will increase speed and improve user experience.

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