Emojivision App Turns Photos Into Emoji Pictures

The iPhone has great potential for computational photography (a type of photography where instead of using optics for

image processing uses digital computing). A new app created by Gabriel O'Flaherty-Chan unlocks this potential in an unusual way.

How it works

The application allows you to see the world as ifmade entirely from emoji. It splits the digital image into simple colors, which are then replaced with emoji emoticons of about the same color palette. The camera operates at 60 frames per second, so it will be difficult to notice the synchronization between the real image and Emojivision.

What else

The application itself is free, however, to openall emoji sets will need to pay $ 2.79. Emojivision is not Gabriel's only project. Before that, he already made a version of Pokemon Yellow for the Apple Watch, and is now developing a strategy with procedural generation of the world.