End of an era – Overwatch will stop selling loot boxes from September

All good things come to an end sometime. So Overwatch, which at one time set the fashion for lightboxes, is going to

refuse this form of income.Players will be able to purchase boxes of random rewards up to and including the end of the 6th Anniversary Holiday Event for the online shooter. This was announced by Blizzard in the description of the Holiday Remix: Part 3.

Interestingly, the English text refers toending the sale of loot boxes after August 30th. And in our localizations - that the measure will only affect anniversary containers. Probably, the restriction will be regional. But both versions agree that it will be possible to get ordinary boxes after the end of the event.

Will be returned to the game during the anniversary celebrationseasonal brawls: story co-op adventures, luciball, capture the flag and other modes. Their launch will take place on certain days. Users will also get a chance to have legendary skins from the archives.

Possibly an exception to the sale of loot boxes inthe first Overwatch is preparation for the release of the sequel, in which they will not be in principle. Instead, they are going to monetize the project with the help of a battle pass and an in-game store.