Engineers turned drawings on the wall into “buttons” for controlling devices

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) engineers turned wall art into “buttons”

device management. To create graffiti, they used special ink for airbrushing.

The SprayableTech system allows you to create interactive graphics of any size on any surface. Pictures can be used to, for example, turn on or off the light or the TV.

First, an interactive drawing is created in3D editor. The system then generates stencils for application to the surface. After that, various inks are applied - conductive copper, dielectrics, phosphorus, etc. In the end, the microcontroller joins.

The bulk of the work when creating suchcontrols are performed when designing stencils. After all, you can’t just put paint on the wall and hope that it can do something. To facilitate the application of their technology, engineers develop off-the-shelf modular stencils.