Entertaining mathematics: how much does the head of Xiaomi earn

The media likes to count other people's money, and especially when it comes to the head of one of the largest

smartphone manufacturers - Xiaomi.

How many?

So, judging by the annual report of Xiaomi forHong Kong Stock Exchange, founder and CEO Lei Jun (Lei Jun) for the year received about $ 1.5 billion and deservedly became the highest paid employee Xiaomi. The company modestly confirmed that Zun earns more than a billion yuan (about $ 150 million), but refused to give exact figures.

But note that the director still does not receive these amounts in cash, but in shares.

Almost as much as the year receivedthe head, divided among themselves five of the most highly paid top managers of Xiaomi. As a result, it is 60% of the total payroll. Total for the year payments to management increased by 50%.

But does not offend Xiaomi and ordinary employees. Now there are more than 16.5 thousand of them, and in 2018 they received remuneration of $ 3 billion. In addition, over the 12 months the wage fund increased 51 times.

For comparison: last year Apple CEO Tim Cook earned $ 15.7 million, and Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey - only 140 cents, and for the first time since 2015. But there are no complaints about Twitter: Jack himself refused to pay in favor of a bright and comfortable future social network.

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