Epic banned more than 1,200 players at the World Cup Fortnite for cheating

It would seem that in such tournaments as the Fortnite World Cup, participants will behave more honestly. However, for

Epic banned more than 1,200 cheating accounts for the first week of the tournament.

What happened

1163 players received a two-week ban in the game. 196 of them were deprived of prizes, which they won in the first week. Another 48 were banned for sharing an account (nine of them lost prizes), and one received a 72-hour ban for intentionally disconnecting. There were also some more serious allegations.

Eight accounts received a ban forteaming or informal unions with their opponents. There is also one person who went all the way to the semi-final, but was banned forever in the game after he was caught cheating in the first five minutes of the tournament.

Epic's banned accounts report serves as a warning - the company hopes that the next wave of players will not try to win a victory by dishonest means.

Source: Engadget